10 Rejected Movie Actors Who NAILED It Second Time Around

It took a few attempts, but these actors all got a chance to NAIL these roles in the end.

The Batman
Warner Bros.

Failure is simply an ever-present part of life as a thespian.

For every "yes" that finally comes their way, you can bet there were a frankly ridiculous amount of "no's" that all left a performer questioning whether this sometimes mind-numbing industry was actually for them at all.

Thankfully, the following names opted to stick it out even on the back of being rejected for a role they were simply champing at the bit to play. And in doing so they set themselves up for a chance to be considered or nail another audition for that same part or an alternative role within the same universe later down the line.

After all, sometimes the timing simply just isn't right for an actor to step into the shoes of a certain character, be it because of the overall tone of a project or another star just being better suited to the part at that point in time.

From eventual Men of Steel being told no on the first time of asking, to future Bonds initially not being given their license to kill, these actors all suffered the burn of rejection before landing the big one.

10. Mark Ruffalo Is Passed Up On In Favour Of Edward Norton As The Hulk

The Batman
Marvel Studios

It's been well documented how it wasn't exactly all plain sailing when it came time to bring the MCU's first appearance of The Incredible Hulk into existence.

Along with a ton of behind-the-scenes drama involving one-time Bruce Banner Edward Norton and his rewriting of sections of the script, the actual decision to bring the actor onboard in the first place wasn't one that director Louis Leterrier was entirely happy with.

In fact, the star who would ultimately go on to play the big green wrecking ball in the wake of Norton's eventual departure was actually Leterrier's first choice. However, Marvel completely rejected his request to bring the star in for the part, with the studio reportedly telling the director "No, no, he just does smart, intellectual movies," when the subject of originally casting Mark Ruffalo was brought into the conversation.

Thankfully Marvel would see sense somewhat when the opportunity arose to recast Banner from Avengers Assemble onwards as Ruffalo quickly set about becoming part of the MCU furniture from there on out.


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