10 Relentlessly Morbid Films

10 ghoulish films for your perusal...

Morbid movies have been a feature of cinema from its earliest days, with films such as Nosferatu, Un Chien Andalou, L'age d'or and The Cabinet of Dr Caligari. They were frowned upon by our moral guardians for being unwholesome, but it didn't stop their proliferation down the decades. By the 1960s, many taboos of cinema - like nudity, gore and graphic sex - had been busted wide open, leaving filmmakers all over the world free to engage in an all manner of previously off-limits subjects. The 1970s were flooded with morbid films, though - Straw Dogs, The Devils, Last Tango in Paris, Last House on the Left, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (just to name a few). These films gave the censors the run around, but they set a precedent for subsequent writers and directors to attain new heights of ghoulishness. There are no sacred cows left today in cinema - films such as A Serbian Film and Human Centipede have seen to that. Nowadays, then, it's almost as anything goes... and for fans of the macabre, it is a great time to experience the joys of the morbid movies. Here are 10 ghoulish films for your perusal...
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