10 Relentlessly Morbid Films

10. Ma Mere (2004)

Mamere Young Pierre has just left boarding school. He is quite an earnest young man until his sexually depraved mother warps his fragile little mind and initiates him into the world of kinky sex. He loses his virginity to his mother's best friend in a crowded shopping precinct. Pierre meets a young girl called Hansi and the two begin a half normal relationship whilst the corrosive influence of his mother is on her travels. Inevitably Pierre's mother returns, as kinky as usual and involves her own son in a very warped ending to the film. Based on George Bataille's posthumous novel of the same name, Ma mere is an exercise on how to depict sexuality in a highly aberrant and transgressive way. The film starts with a morbid event - Pierre's father dies - and goes downhill from there. None of the sexual cavorting that goes on in the film is remotely erotic. It is just desperate people trying to cover up holes in their lives with a sexual free for all. It sounds better than the reality. The warping of Pierre and the film's ending is just beyond the pale when it comes to morbidness. I've never seen such a transgressive ending to a film.
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