10 Remakes That Should Never Have Happened

This is why Hollywood isn't allowed to play with all the nice things.

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Hollywood is in the middle of a remake spree, and it doesn't look in any mood to stop, no matter how many horrendous reviews they receive. With dozens of reboots and remakes in the pipeline, including American Psycho, The Birds, and Scarface, audiences can be assured that classic films will be continuously ruined for as long as writers don't have any real inspiration to go on.

Whether they were unnecessary, unwanted, or simply bad films, most remakes go on to live in infamy. Often shedding everything that made the originals good in favour of flashy CGI and better technology, remakes tend to be critical bombs, particularly when compared with their older counterparts.

That's not to say that there aren't good remakes, quite the opposite. Many directors relish the chance to reimagine some of history's greatest films, fixing the problems that hampered the originals. Remakes often attract bigger budgets, allowing for more realistic violence, and better writers and actors that can improve on their predecessors.

Dredd, for example, produced one of the finest comic book adaptions to date, immeasurably improving in every way on the God-awful thing that Sylvester Stallone created. But for every True Grit or The Fly, that utilises new technology or simply a different perspective or directorial vision, there's a counterpart trying to simply cash in on the name of a classic film with a sloppy scene-for-scene recreation.

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