10 Respected Actors Who Completely Hammed It Up To Play Flamboyant Villains

10. Tom Hollander As Isaacs - Hanna

Probably best-known from TV's Rev, Armando Ianucci's In The Loop or a whole mess of period dramas, Tom Hollander plays almost without exception the straight man trapped in the midst of much crazier shenanigans. He rarely gets to flaunt a sinister side, and even more rarely gets to show off a hammy side. Joe Wright's Hanna gave him the chance to change that. Wearing bleached blonde hair (something of a trend amongst the flamboyant villain fraternity), retro 80s sports gear and what suspiciously appears to be shiny pink lip balm, Hollander's Austrian neo-Nazi Isaacs is utterly outrageous. Isaacs loves his work, whistling a catchy jingle whilst torturing his victims (seriously, check it out on YouTube. Or don't, because you'll have it in your head for days), killing helpless old men using biros and chasing after runaway children for a living, and all those things are mad. Seeing as Hanna is a modern day fairytale, Hollander seemingly recognises the potential of playing along with the fantasy of the project, and as such doesn't even attempt to play Isaacs realistically - watching Hollander squeak "Run little piggy!" at a sprinting Eric Bana is a particular highlight.

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