10 Ridiculous Movie Moments That Have Shocked Us In 2013 So Far

Iron Man 3

Though 2013 has been a fairly lackluster year as far as quality goes, it has certainly not been without its share of insane, shocking moments we'll likely never forget, both for better and for worse. Though there's still much of the year to play out, we've been thrown huge narrative curve-balls, ridiculous last-minute plot twists, insanely exciting stingers, awesome nudity and grotesque animal slaughter, just to name a few. I'd be surprised if the rest of 2013 can top the madness we've seen in the first half of 2013. Here are 10 ridiculous movie moments that have shocked us in 2013 so far. Obviously, SPOILERS FOR MAJOR 2013 RELEASES ARE AHEAD.

10. Rooney Stabs Channing - Side Effects

Side Effects Anyone who paid any attention to the trailer for Steven Soderbergh's Side Effects knew that Rooney Mara's character would up killing her lover, played by Channing Tatum, in the film's first act. It's a huge testament to Soderbergh's direction, then, that the moment still proved so shocking. As Mara is supposedly sleepwalking around her and her hubby's apartment - a seeming side effect of the new drug, Ablixa, she is on - she stabs him with a knife, a horrifically brutal moment that garnered plenty of gasps from the screening I attended. Even though we know it's probably coming, Soderbergh's lingering focus on the blade, combined with the grisly noise and expression on Tatum's face makes for one of the year's queasiest and most impressively visceral bursts of violence. And this is just the first shock in a film absolutely packed to the rafters with them, though it is certainly the most bracing and effective.

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