10 Ridiculous Performances That Totally Derailed A Movie

9. Nicolas Cage (The Wicker Man)

Here's a performance that we at least know was done on purpose. Neil LaBute's awful remake of the classic British film The Wicker Man was savaged by critics, and rightly so, with many drawing attention to Nicolas Cage's outrageously hammy performance as the protagonist. In interviews, Cage confessed that his wild turn, including choice zingers like "Not the bees! The bees! AHHHHHHH!" and "How'd it get burned? Howdigeburnhowdigeburnhowdigeburghn!?!?", was totally conscious on his part, and to his credit, it makes the film a whole lot more entertaining. Still, considering The Wicker Man is meant to be miles away from a comedy, he didn't exactly help director LaBute sell the premise and essentially derailed everything the remaining cast members (who regrettably didn't seem to realise they were in an awful movie) were trying to establish. So yes, Cage ruined The Wicker Man, but damnit I'm glad he did.

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