10 Most Ridiculous Plot Holes In 2013 Movies

10. There's No Airport In Jerusalem - World War Z

World War ZThe Movie: A scruffy-looking Brad Pitt must figure out a way to stop the zombie apocalypse, which he attempts by jetting off to a few countries, almost getting killed, and sort of figuring out a cure in the process. The Plot Hole: At one point during his mission to save the world, UN worker Gerry Lane (that's Pitt) finds himself in Jerusalem, where somehow a giant wall has been put around the city. Although that's something of a plot hole in itself (nobody seems to have noticed that thing was being built?), the biggest plot hole is rather simple: there's no airport in Jerusalem, and Jerry lands at Atarot Airport (closed down in 2010) like that's the most normal thing in the world. Check it out: it's shut down and entirely abandoned. The nearest airport, in fact, is about 51 kilometres away, which means... well, that's a freakin' long walk, which explains why the filmmakers took this little narrative shortcut. Also: Jerusalem's airspace is restricted, which perhaps adds another layer of "derp" to this airport-based ordeal.

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