10 Ridiculously Gruesome Kills In Recent Action Movies

You just love to see Stallone pulling folks' hearts out...


Nothing gets an audiences' attention quite like a seriously brutal piece of killing on the big screen during a heart-stopping action flick.

No matter how many times we see a person viciously mutilated or suddenly butchered in a film throughout the course of our lives, we'll always be left feeling utterly shocked, disgusted or even a little bit guilty knowing that we happily paid our hard earned cash to witness such savagery. Yet, we'll still inevitably keep coming back for more... because human beings are weird.

However, as time has gone by and audiences have become more desensitised to the graphic images they see in the cinema, movies have had to find more and more creative ways to violently dispatch innocent bystanders, faceless foes and arch-enemies.

Fans are no longer satisfied with a quick gun-shot or simple stabs, which is a scary enough thought in itself.

Instead, we now live in a gruesome age of cinema where humans are being put through meat grinders, daggers are being lodged into eye sockets and 70 year-olds are capable of pulling people's hearts out of their chests.

What a time to be alive... too soon?


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