10 Rising Actors Who Could Be The Next Big Thing

5. Mia Xitlali

The rising teenage star of acclaimed, award-winning short film Selling Rosario will see the release of her debut feature Max in cinemas this month. Xitlali€™s performance in Selling Rosario has been widely acclaimed as astonishingly mature€ not surprising, given that she can be considered a veteran of the stage at the tender age of fifteen. Xitlali caught the acting bug at seven years old, appearing in a production of South Pacific at the Hollywood Bowl when she was eight. She impressed the directors so much that they offered her the role of €˜Nagana€™ before she€™d even left the building. Impressive is the word for Xitlali €“ articulate, witty and smart, she looks like a teenaged Penelope Cruz, and seems to have the outlook and perspective of someone twice her age. Publicity for Max complete, she€™s returned to the stage with Little Red, a musical adaptation of the Little Red Riding Hood story running throughout July in LA for a family chicana audience. Max, however, could well be a dark horse in any list of this year€™s family oriented movies: a darker twist on movies like Marley & Me or Turner & Hooch, with a narrative that plays out suspiciously like Ghost, it should be a starmaking turn for the precocious Xitlali.

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