10 Rock Star Movie Cameos You Never Noticed

6. Mick Jagger - The Bank Job

mick jagger bank job

Mick Jagger is the epitome of a rockstar. He can move, yowl and party. He can make you drop your panties by talking British to you (yes, I said talking British). Also, he has dabbled in acting. Arguably, his most notable film performance is when he plays the titular character, Luther, who is in love with Anjelica's Huston's Jennifer in The Man from Elysian Fields. He sheds his rockstar persona and comes up as an handsome and poised British businessman. Jagger dons the suit again and is almost unrecognizable as the bank teller in the Jason Statham heist vehicle, The Bank Job. He has no lines and no credit in the movie and is in it so fast, you can blink and almost miss him.

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