10 Rushed Movie Deaths That Had No Emotional Impact

These characters’ deaths could have made a huge impression, this is what we got instead.


Everyone has that one movie, a work that they're experiencing with awe, losing their minds for the creative and narrative craft on display. It comes to a pivotal moment, a death scene that is supposed to shake the film and viewer's reaction up intensely, and it doesn't hit in the way it should. This happens with lots of films, good and bad, it's hard to juggle dozens of elements of storytelling and filmmaking to make every loss feel as substantial as it should.

An understanding of how easy it is to make a death scene not feel critically vital isn't a deterrent from criticism however, as all of these films had huge potential in these areas that still bother a lot of us to this day.

While many of these films are good (or at least interesting) and a discourse around a particular area doesn't equal dislike, it should be warned that you'll likely disagree with at least one of the entries on this list. Emotional reactions are all unique and it's more than okay if you felt a substantial reaction to a death scene here, try to take comfort in the fact that you got to feel something important that not everyone had the chance to.

This will obviously contain major plot spoilers for a variety of recent films so caution is advised, however there won't be any Rise of Skywalker mentions so those who haven't seen that film can read to their heart's content.

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