10 Sad Facts About Star Wars You Just Need To Accept

9. That's No Screenwriter

The Star Wars prequels represent the moment that George Lucas had grown so powerful in Hollywood that he was able to say "screw you guys, I'm gonna make my own Star Wars trilogy,I with blackjack and hookers". He was unchallengable; surely there's none more qualified to pen a prequel trilogy right? Wrong. As you may be aware, Lucas never actually wrote those original movies. They were his ideas, taken and developed by seasoned screenwriters who knew exactly how to weave complex intergalactic politics as a backdrop into a human story that could be digested by all. But left alone at a computer, Lucas delivered scripts so densely obsessed with space politics that any coherent sense of character or story was all but lost. What is even going on in those prequel movies? Can it be summed up like the originals? Of course not, because none of it makes any sense. And literally no one involved said anything for fear of being cast out of Hollywood forever.

Stuart believes that the pen is mightier than the sword, but still he insists on using a keyboard.