10 Saw Characters Who Beat The Traps And Survived

Live or die, they made their choice...

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One of the things that make Saw stand out from the competition is its inventive traps made by the ruthless Jigsaw. Sure, there are films that dish out equal amounts of gore and torture, but this nine-film series truly shines when it shows how inventive (and painful) these machines can be.

Being a horror movie, it is natural to have a high body count as the series is known for the buckets of blood it has spilled and limbs flying everywhere. After all, the arrival of Saw helped popularize the torture porn sub-genre in the mid-2000s.

But throughout the franchise, there are actually a lucky few who managed to survive Jigsaw's games, whether through pure determination or even blind luck. Of course, they usually end up disfigured or with extreme injuries, but at least they have the honor of surviving a Saw film.

Let's see, then, which characters throughout the franchise managed to beat Jigsaw's traps and live to see another day. This list will detail how the traps function and how these people managed to beat them. Naturally, this means a spoiler alert to those who haven't seen all of the Saw movies.

10. Xavier - Saw II

Saw VI Hoffman

Xavier Chavez is the tertiary antagonist of Saw II and was one of the people placed in Jigsaw's trap at a run-down home. Living his life as a drug dealer, this burly man didn't shy away from his criminal nature, which was best seen during the test meant for him.

As Jigsaw always delivers poetic justice for his would-be victims, Xavier was tasked to find the key in a pit of used syringes. Finding the object would allow him to get the antidote he needed as a deadly gas was spread across the area. But the criminal had no plans of getting himself hurt and, in a ruthless act, he decided to grab Amanda Young and threw her in the pit; ordering her to get the key to his antidote.

Karma would quickly get to the villain, however, as despite her best efforts, Amanda did not find the key in time to get the antidote. Still, Xavier managed to get away scratch-free with such ruthless tactics, so it's still a win for him.

The character would even show the lengths he'd go to for survival later on, as he'd slice a piece of his neck to get one of the numbers for a safe combination.

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