10 Saw Characters Who Beat The Traps And Survived

9. Judge Halden - Saw III

Saw VI Hoffman

In Saw III, grieving father Jeff Denlon becomes the subject of Jigsaw's plans as he makes Jeff confront the people, directly and indirectly, responsible for the death of his son.

One of them is Judge Halden, who gave a light sentence to the drunk driver who accidentally killed the young boy.

In one of the series' grossest traps even, and with minimal gore, the man is chained to a pit. But this is no ordinary pit, as the place starts moving rotten carcasses of pigs into a grinder. This oozes out gallons of stinking pork fat which aims to drown Halden.

His chance of survival then lies with Jeff, who has to burn his son's memorabilia to get the key needed to free the would-be victim. While he initially chastises the man and has second thoughts, Denlon eventually makes the moral decision and burns the items, allowing him to free the Judge.

Sadly, Halden would eventually be killed in an accident after trying to free a man, though had he survived Saw III, he'd probably have to live with the smell of the rotten pigs on him.

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