10 Scariest Boogeymen In Films

9. Oogie Boogie (A Nightmare Before Christmas)

Candyman Tony Todd
Touchstone Pictures

Tim Burton is well known for his signature use of horror iconography and gothic fantasy, best showcased in The Nightmare Before Christmas. Set in Halloween Town, a community of monsters plan for the Halloween festivities all year round, masterminded by Jack Skellington.

However, there is one citizen of Halloween Town who is so horrible and vile that he’s outcast by the others - Oogie Boogie; the local boogeyman who has the appearance of a battered, filthy, and rotund rag doll.

Ken Page puts in a larger than life performance as Oogie Boogie and has one of the more memorable musical numbers in the film.

Jack Skellington thwarts Oogie Boogie’s plan to murder Santa-Claus, but the real horror comes towards the end of the film when Jack pulls on a thread and unravels Oogie Boogie to reveal the mass of insects animating him.

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