10 Scariest Car Scenes Of All Time

9. Jawbreaker - Brightburn

Urban Legend movie
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In a nutshell, Brightburn is a dark version of Superman's origin story. A baby alien crash-lands in Kansas and is adopted by a loving couple, who try to hide his origin from him. The child, who's called Brandon, developers superpowers in his teens and realises he's from another world. Although Superman took this revelation in stride, Brandon took the opposite approach and decided to eliminate anyone he perceived as a threat.

After overhearing his uncle, Noah, badmouthing him, Brandon tracks him down on the road while he's driving his truck. Brandon then lifts the vehicle 20ft in the air before dropping it, causing it to slam into the ground. For a split-second, you can see Noah's face smash into the steering wheel with such force that his entire lower jaw rips off.

At first, you naturally assume Noah died instantaneously. But since this is a horror flick, Noah's death is dragged out in agonising detail. As Brandon leans in towards the vehicle to admire his handiwork, he sees Noah scrambling to reattach his disconnected jaw, while choking on his own blood. After flailing helplessly for a few moments, Noah dies, his face frozen in a contorted smile.

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