10 Scariest Car Scenes Of All Time

8. Three Murderers In One Car - I Saw The Devil

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In I Saw the Devil, secret agent Kim pursues a serial killer named Jang after he murders his fiancee. After Kim tracks Jang down and nearly kills him, the mass murderer tries to get away by hitchhiking.

Fortunately, a taxi driver carrying a passenger offers to give Jang a ride, which he gladly accepts. However, Jang is oblivious that the two men in the car intend to murder him. (If you thought being trapped in a car with serial killer was scary, imagine having three serial killers in the same vehicle!)

As Jang catches on to the men's true intentions, all three of them slowly ready their weapons to take one another out. Jang manages to strike first, knifing the men to death. To highlight the ferocity of Jang's attack, the camera swivels around the entire car, while blood gushes in all directions, including on the screen. (By the way, try and figure out how the crew filmed that shot.)

Even though the fight is masterfully choreographed, it's the slow build-up beforehand that keeps viewers on the edge of their seat throughout the entire scene.

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