10 Scariest Cursed Objects In Horror Movies

There's a reason they're called your 'possessions'!

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Many horror films are based around the idea that a seemingly innocuous object could lure us into interacting with it and unknowingly releasing any number of horrible entities. The Cabin in the Woods showed the characters being presented with a whole basement full of these items in a winking nod to how common this trope is. The Conjuring included a whole room full of cursed objects that had been collected by the Warrens, and the real version can be viewed in Connecticut if you fancy chancing your luck with an encounter with Annabelle!

Haunted houses and dolls are so frequently used as plot devices that they could generate whole lists in themselves, but other films have been a bit more original with the innocent-looking articles they have chosen for their portals for nefarious forces. Seemingly, the more common the object is, the greater the effect of the horror when it ensues that it is evil, as we are likely to be in possession of something similar in our own home.

Lets take a look at some of the scariest items in horror movies that people probably should have left alone..

10. Wooden Box – The Possession (2012)

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The 'Dybbuk box' from The Possession is a wooden wine box haunted by an evil spirit able to possess the living. The box has Hebrew writing on it and whispers in Polish that it will 'eat your heart'. The inspiration for the film came when the box was put on sale on eBay by Kevin Mannis in 2003, along with an accompanying horror story about its supposed origins. Mannis claimed he bought the box at a yard sale from the daughter of a Holocaust survivor who insisted he kept it locked as it contained a Dybbuk.

In the film, an old Polish lady is rendered unconscious when she attempts to destroy the box, and she later tries to warn protagonist Emily about the box from her bed when she buys it at a yard sale. Emily becomes possessed by the spirit after putting on a ring that she finds inside the box, leading to her becoming solitary and exhibiting disturbing and violent behaviour.

The film climaxes in a terrifying scene where a rabbi attempts to exorcise the spirit from Emily and ends up successfully containing it back in the box. However, it manages to escape him when his car is destroyed in a collision with a truck as he is driving away. The crash kills him, but throws the box away where it waits to be discovered by the next person.


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