10 Scariest Horror Movie Scenes From The '80s

9. Mabel's Bloody Murder - My Bloody Valentine

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My Bloody Valentine is an underrated slasher. Released in 1981 and directed by George Mihalka, the movie follows a group of teens as they prepare to throw a Valentine's Day party. This is forbidden in the small town as it supposedly angers urban legend Harry Warden, who will murder anyone that partakes.

While the movie doesn't reinvent the slasher - in fact it is incredibly similar to John Carpenter's Halloween, POV shots from the killer's perspective and all - it does have some great kills.

One of these is the moment in which town resident Mabel is savagely murdered in a laundromat. There is a good building of suspense here as we see her being stalked from the killer's perspective. We even hear his heavy breathing as he watches through door. It's eerie stuff.

The kill itself is also brutal, but not because of the gore, but rather the fear we see on Mabel's face. She is an elderly woman who is easily overpowered by the killer, who has adorned heavy mining gear. We feel for her as she stands no chance in avoiding death.

The later see the aftermath of her body being forcefully shoved in a dryer, which is done disgustingly well. Perhaps don't eat while watching.


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