10 Scariest Movie Moments Of 2018

1. Charlie Loses Her Head - Hereditary

Hereditary Charlie Dead

No single scene has evoked as much soul-rattling fear, however, as Charlie's (Milly Shapiro) surprise death in Hereditary.

After she goes into anaphylactic shock at a party, her brother Peter (Alex Wolff) desperately drives her to the hospital, but as she sticks her head out the car window for air, he swerves to avoid an animal, slamming Charlie's head into a telephone pole.

Rather than simply cut to the aftermath of the accident, director Ari Aster masterfully stays with Peter as he drives home in a PTSD-induced state of shock.

Only when their mother Annie (Toni Collette) lets out wailing screams of anguish the next morning does Aster cut back to the road, where poor Charlie's decapitated head is being devoured by ants.

A note-perfect sequence directed and acted for maximum heartbreak and disgust, this a rare example of horror that's both intensely scary and extremely upsetting. Collette's bereaved cries are especially haunting, to say nothing of that revolting severed head prosthetic.

Anyone who saw this surely didn't shake the sight for weeks.

Which terrifying movie moments scared you the most in 2018? Shout them out in the comments!

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