10 Scariest Movies You Can Watch FOR FREE On YouTube Right Now

These are the horror movies you can watch for free with the press of a button.

Millennium Entertainment

With the world being what it is in 2020, going to the cinema isn't an option for large swaths of the global population, and so streaming has enjoyed an enormous uptick in worldwide traffic.

There are countless streaming platforms to choose from, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and the horror-specific Shudder, all of which of course require their own subscription fee.

But there are a number of free alternative streaming options, which while perhaps not touting the very newest releases, will nevertheless allow you to hunker down with some great horror flicks.

And there's perhaps no more democratic a video repository than YouTube, which in addition to offering its own paid movie rental service, allows distributors, rights holders, and even fans (distributor tolerance depending) to share movies on their own channels for free.

And so, scouring YouTube's platter of available horror flicks, these are unquestionably the 10 scariest you can dare subject yourself to, from pulse-racing found footage films to the undisputed, classic kings of the genre.

If you're stuck for something to watch and are in the mood to have the living bajesus scared out of you, you shouldn't give these movies a miss...


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