10 Scariest Sci-Fi Movie Endings Ever

9. Soylent Green

Invasion of the Body Snatchers Donald Sutherland

Soylent Green is set all the way in the distant future of... 2022. By this point, overpopulation and climate disasters have caused humanity to run out of most resources, including food. Fortunately, a conglomerate called Soylent Industries devises a cheap plankton-based food known as Soylent Green that has all the nutrients that humans require to survive.

But when Detective Thorn discovers plankton has gone extinct, he suspects Soylent Industries is hiding a dark secret. When he learns the company's higher-ups are killing their employees, Thorn doubles his efforts to uncover the origin of this mysterious food.

Thorn ultimately discovers the truth - Soylent Green is made from humans. The employers of the company believed turning people into an edible product would solve the population and food problem simultaneously.

Before Thorn has a chance to make this information public, he is arrested by the authorities. The final shot shows Thorn being taken away as he screams "Soylent Green is people!" to a gathering crowd. This ending seems more disturbing nowadays considering climate change and overpopulation have become a genuine concern in recent years.

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