10 Scars Actors Still Carry From Movies

These actors still wear the scars from some of their past work.

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Though the occupation of acting is sometimes painted in an unflattering light when it comes to the overall difficulty of the job at hand, it is worth remembering that this career path routinely requires a performer to put their body on the line and themselves in harm's way - all in the name of entertainment.

So, with that need to physically put yourself out there on a daily basis comes the very real possibility of picking up an injury or two during the making of a feature. It's not all sitting around in trailers and letting your stunt double do the heavy lifting when the time comes to throw down with a big bad. Often a star has to get their hands dirty, and in this moment they can be left with more than a tasty paycheque to remember the movie by.

From taking method acting perhaps a little too far, to learning the hard way that you don't possess the same healing capabilities as your on-screen persona, this group of famous faces were left permanently scarred by their experiences on set.

10. Hugh Jackman - X2

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When your character is required to regularly rage around a set wielding a set of knives on each hand, the chance of an injury here or there is understandably quite high.

With that in mind, Hugh Jackman has picked up many a scar over the course of playing Wolverine in the X-Men franchise for just under two decades. The second X-Men film in particular proved to be a painful experience for the Australian star, with Jackman nicking the skin next to his left eye, leaving him with a nice one-inch scar. On top of this, X2 also saw the actor very nearly castrate himself whilst shooting the flashback sequence at Alkali Lake.

Coming on the back of a prank which involved his colleagues surprising him by having thirty women wait around the corner and throw five dollar bills at the star as he sprinted around stark naked, Jackman attempted to cover his modesty and... you can probably join those dots for yourself.

He still carries the thigh scars today, and an anecdote for the ages at parties.

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