10 Sci-Fi Fan Theories That Make The Films Better

Is Agent Smith the One? Is the Indominus Rex part person? Whatever became of the Raptor Kid?

Warner Bros.

Some fan theories have the power to totally ruin a movie—particularly the edgy but annoyingly effective “your childhood favourite is actually about something disturbing” brand of trollish fandom speculation. We’ll never watch the Home Alone franchise the same way again—nor the Saw films, for that matter.

But conversely some fan theories actually manage to deepen and further colour the universe of whatever films they spring from and can not only fill in pesky plot holes but even make the flick itself more entertaining upon a re-watch. These are the rare fan theories which seem less based in random speculation and more culled from minor details hidden, intentionally or otherwise, in the films they come from.

That said, whilst some of these are deeply impressive for the obvious attention to detail which went into uncovering them, some are just great fun even if the supposed “evidence” supporting them is shaky at best. Whether wildly implausible but great fun or surprisingly solid and well-supported, here are ten sci-fi fan theories which actually made the films they’re from better.


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