10 Sci-Fi Fan Theories That Make The Films Better

9. The Na'vi Aren't Native To Pandora - Avatar

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Now this one may simply be an attempt by dastardly humans to absolve ourselves of our fictional guilt over colonizing Pandora, but it’s worth digging into this popular fan theory about Titanic helmer James Cameron’s 2009 epic eco-action Avatar anyway—mainly because literally anything would make re-watching this overrated dud more bearable.

So in the film as we saw it, earth’s nefarious inhabitants attempt to mine the planet Pandora and its innocent inhabitants, the humble Na’vi, of their resources, fuelling our green marble’s excesses via their precious and limited assets.

But what if—get this—they’re not even locals? As one Reddit fan theory notes, the Na’vi aren’t all that similar to the native animals we see on their planet, and they’re surprisingly similar to us humans—a coincidence which this theory chalks up to the fact that Pandora isn’t their planet at all. Instead, they’re just earlier colonizers of the same place, and the film’s conflict is between a pair of warring tribes rather than an indigenous people and their oppressor.

Hey, at least it’s a lot less cliché this way.


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