10 Sci-Fi Fan Theories That Make The Films Better

7. Jar Jar Binks Is A Secret Sith Lord - Star Wars

The One The Matrix

Now this one may be too ludicrous to consider on the face of it, but there’s some pretty convincing evidence that it’s only crazy because the nigh-on unstoppable Jar Jar has managed to convince you so. Everything is broken down at length in the Reddit post outlining this theory, but a basic rundown is that, rather than being the oafish goof we know and despise from the prequels, Jar Jar is a villain on par with or possibly above Palpatine himself on the Sith chain of command.

How? Well, his goofiness never stops him from constantly succeeding effortlessly in battle, lending credence to the theory that it’s a façade. His affable demeanour gives him constant access to Anakin, and his influence sees him roast Qui-Gon to the impressionable child, ensuring he’ll grow up to dismiss the authority of Jedis. Then there’s the fact that, years after silly Jar Jar was “tricked” into electing Palpatine, the pair still share the screen in Revenge of the Sith. What business would the Emperor have with such an idiotic figure—unless he was conferring with, or even taking orders from, him?

Look, maybe this one is way off, but there are too many “wacky idiots” in real politics who have transpired to be competent double agents for us to dismiss this much mounting evidence.


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