10 Sci-Fi Movie Clichés Everyone Secretly Loves

Surely nothing bad will happen on this abandoned ship in deep space?

Warner Bros.

Science fiction might be one of the best genres in entertainment. The imagination and creative freedom that comes with pulling at the thread of technology, space-travel and human advancement is ripe with so much opportunity, it's practically a bottomless pit of ideas.

The limitless world-building is what pulls audiences back for more sci-fi, and as writers and movie-makers get more daring, their creative muscles have been going in all kinds of directions.

However, if you're an avid film watcher, you'll start to pick up on recurring trends in film - and science fiction is no exception. The cliches and tropes of sci-fi can become grating, and it's almost impossible not to think of anything else. You might start guessing twists and narrative plot points before they happen, because you've seen these directions so many times before.

That isn't to say they are not entirely welcome. In fact, some cliches and tropes in science-fiction are secretly adored. They help build the world we're about to watch, and while they might appear repetitive, they roll off our backs quite quickly and we're able to enjoy the films for what they are.

If you haven't noticed all ten, you won't stop seeing them in your favourite films after this.


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