10 Sci-Fi Movie Clichés Everyone Secretly Loves

10. Aliens Go Sightseeing When They Invade Earth

20th Century Fox

The Martians and moon-people are about to conquer Earth. Humans look to the skies in horror and awe.

But if they're a resident in a quiet little town in Somerset, there's a strong chance they'll be watching the mayhem on the six o'clock news, because aliens love Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower.

It's almost laughable how many times aliens have blown up famous landmarks in their pursuit of fatally wounding the human race, and it isn't lost on movie watchers how often they've seen The White House or Empire State Building get beamed to smithereens.

So why do we enjoy it? Aliens attacking cultural landmarks provides a frame of reference for the audience. The montage of places you'd find on a postcard being overrun by invading green monsters gives audiences a scope of the worldwide invasion and how far the attack has spread. Big buildings and city skylines convey an almighty destruction that petrol stations in the Nevada desert just can't provide.

Plus it gives our heroes reason to act fast. If they don't fight back soon, the aliens will have destroyed every tourist destination. And if that happens, then what the heck is left to fight for?


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