10 Sci-Fi Movie Mistakes You Can’t Unsee

9. Star Trek - Nero's Ink Is Touched Up

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2009's reboot of the Star Trek movie series may not have been every Trek fan's idea of a perfect feature, but there's no questioning they got their villain absolutely spot on.

Time travelling Nero (Eric Bana) is a Romulan who is seeking revenge against the people he feels are responsible for the destruction of his home planet and family. However, despite Nero being both an deeply understandable and meticulous foe, the make-up team behind the captain of the Narada unfortunately couldn't confess to sharing that latter attribute...during one scene anyway.

As Neo is lying down and awaiting the arrival of the person he feels should answer for Romulus' end, Spock (Leonard Nimoy...and Zachary Quinto?), you'll notice that the big bad has a rather faded tattoo just below his bottom lip.

Yet, not long after Neo can be seen sporting a much more visible and detailed tattoo as he witnesses Spock's ship arrive in front of his very vessel.

Unless Neo very quickly stopped by the on-board tattoo parlour before arriving on the bridge, it's pretty clear that this inconsistent chin ink was an unintentional mistake.


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