10 Sci-Fi Movie Moments That Literally Stopped Movies

9. Thor: Ragnarok - Fake Gauntlet Reveals Lack Of A Plan

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Marvel Studios

For the sheer amount of stories and plot points the MCU has often juggled over the course of four Phases of both cinematic and now-small screen goodness, it's remarkable that Kevin Feige and co. have gotten away with only a minute number of plot holes.

Yet, when discussing the odd misstep made by the ever-expanding universe, one item in particular would always spring into discussion: that being the apparent Infinity Gauntlet sitting in Odin's vault in the first Thor feature.

Then, after years of mulling over how in the holy Hel this all-powerful glove could've ended up in the King of Asgard's hands, what with Thanos clearly having possession of the mighty gauntlet in the Age of Ultron end credits scene, Thor: Ragnarok slapped us in the face with a knowing one-liner to paper over said plot cracks.

As Hela wandered through Odin's vault, the daughter of the former King remarked that the shiny glove was actually "fake" before knocking it onto the ground. Going from laughing their way through a Taika Waititi sci-fi comedy romp to double-taking the plot hole covering quip and realising what had actually just happened, this MCU moment definitely took a second to get over.


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