10 Sci-Fi Movie Moments That Literally Stopped Movies

Just when you thought you were safe, these sci-fi movies slammed on the breaks!

Spaceballs movie

The often barmy world of sci-fi has often leant itself to the idea of playing by its own rules, forging entire galaxies dedicated to ways of life that are far beyond our own run-of-the-mill existence. In short, whatever laws were there in the first place, tend to not exactly apply the minute you start strapping hyperdrives onto spaceships and throwing characters into insane, out-of-this-world scenarios that could only be realised on the big screen.

But even though it has become the norm to see sci-fi go a little nuts on a cinema screen, some of these movies still find ways to completely catch their audience off-guard in the thick of a riveting story or action-packed set-piece. Just when you thought you'd settled into where a story was heading or how exactly an on-screen universe ticked, this bunch of flicks slapped you in the face with an unexpected detour to check if you were still paying attention.

From hilarious fourth-wall breaks to jaw-dropping reveals that slam the breaks on a narrative as you knew it, fans weren't counting on these pieces of science fantasy/fiction coming to halt in quite the way they did.

10. This Lego Movie - Everything... Is A Play Thing!

Spaceballs movie
Warner Bros. Pictures

Few fans of the iconic bricks used to create the world's of our dreams were expecting Chris Miller and Phil Lord to deliver in quite the way they did when piecing together what would go on to be one of the most enjoyable, hilarious, and heart-warming animated features of our times.

And the fact The Lego Movie came equipped with the mother of all "SPACESHIPS" more than qualifies it for a sci-fi list!

But just when it seemed like we were getting to grips with what exactly went into becoming a Master Builder and the overall tale of Emmett and the gang trying to overcome the glue of evil Lord Business, those pesky writer/directors went and threw a curve ball at all in attendance.

Upon sacrificing himself to save his friends, Emmett winds up in the human world and soon comes to the realisation that this bunch of blocks were all simply being played with by a boy who was messing around with his father's Lego set. Will Ferrell's "father" is soon revealed to be the actual "Man Upstairs" and the entire Lego world we'd known and loved over the preceding 90-minutes was thoroughly rebuilt before our very eyes.


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