10 Sci-Fi Movie Openings That Get Worse The More You Think About It

9. Moon

Sam Rockwell Moon
Sony Picture Classics

One film about loneliness to another now, only this time it's got an actual person in it!

Sam Rockwell stars as, um, Sam, a man living on a remote mining base on the dark side of the Moon. Not only can Sam not go outside without blowing up, but he's also been living there for three years completely on his own.

At least no one will steal his milk.

Sam's loneliness is shown immediately through his conversations with robot pal GERTY. He's Sam's only friend and clearly has been for a while, as he has no hang-ups about chatting with an automaton.

Other hints are there that Sam is not enjoying his tenure on the Moon. His hair is long and his beard is dishevelled - he's clearly given up on taking care of his appearance.

Also, the shots of him driving about the lunar surface are big and empty and the chilling soundtrack just screams "I am alone".

Watching Sam's plight puts you directly in his moonboots and makes you think about how you'd cope if you were stuck up there for so long.

Don't pretend you'd work out as much as Sam does. We all know you wouldn't.


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