10 Sci-Fi Movie Reveals Nobody Was Ready For

9. The Skrulls Were Refugees (Captain Marvel)

The Invisible Man
Marvel Studios

Catching just about every comic book die-hard off-guard part-way through the Captain Marvel big-screen action, Talos' big reveal sat as yet another example of the MCU putting their own unique spin on the source material.

Instead of leaning into their comic history as a mega threat in the universe that could act as the force to step up as the MCU's next huge villainous presence in the wake of Thanos' time in the spotlight, the Skrulls were actually revealed to be refugees trying to find a new home after theirs was destroyed by the Kree.

Up to that point, Talos and his Skrull pals had largely been positioned as the shape-shifting antagonists of the prequel flick. But once the deeply unexpected truth is explained, and brilliantly delivered by a Ben Mendelsohn audiences just generally accepted as the go-to moustache-twiddling baddy, it's hard not to feel a little ashamed that you ever believed this beaten down race were the group to be feared.

However, those completely wrong-footed by this brilliant swerve will seemingly finally get their villainous Skrull fix in the upcoming Secret Invasion Disney+ series.


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