10 Sci-Fi Movie Sequels Better Than The Original

Whether it's Star Wars, Star Trek or Terminator, the Sci-Fi genre is the KING of movie sequels.

Terminator 2
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The science fiction genre is a never-ending display of innovative ideas and thought-provoking stories. From its roots in literature to its explosion onto the big screen, it's a genre that has always garnered intrigue and acclaim from those who were willing to throw themselves into vivid adventures that would undoubtedly leave them wanting more (and asking a bunch of questions along the way).

Sci-fi has made itself at home in Hollywood over the last century, offering us up movies that make us think outside the box and amaze us with revolutionary special effects. Some are even lucky enough to get to do it again in a follow-up years later.

Over the years, we've had sci-fi sequels aplenty, but very few of them that actually made you feel the same way that their respective originals did - and even less that managed to surpass them. And yet, there are a rare few that pulled it off.

With that in mind, let's take a look back through the ages and appreciate some of these majestic sci-fi sequels that not only lived up to their predecessors' legacies, but actually went and bested them in the process.

10. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Terminator 2

The Hunger Games proved to be a solid opener to what would quickly become Hollywood's next big YA franchise in 2012, with Jennifer Lawrence owning the screen at every given opportunity. Thrilling as it was, the film's focus on the actual games themselves left much of the concept and this world in general relatively unexplored - something that set out a unique opportunity for its eventual successor.

Catching Fire didn't just pull it off, it took that opportunity and ran with it. It did that in many ways but the most important one was building on the foundations of the first movie to fully immerse us in the dystopian world of Panem. Through that we understood the themes that the stories were trying to tell much better and that ultimately allowed for more engaging character journeys - setting the stage for Lawrence to deliver an even more captivating performance than her previous one.

It's a bigger movie, but it's also a lot better, enriching the franchise's story to such an extent that even its larger-than-life follow-ups couldn't quite return it to those heights.


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