10 Sci-Fi Movie Villains Who Actually Won

7. David - Alien: Covenant

The Box Frank Langella

Shady android David (Michael Fassbender) returned in Alien: Covenant after surreptitiously causing all manner of hell in Prometheus, though this time around he's far more of an out-and-out villain rather than a merely curious android.

David resurfaces when Daniels (Katherine Waterston) and her crew land on a seemingly habitable planet where he happens to reside, and has been conducting a series of grotesque experiments.

It's eventually revealed that David wiped out the Engineers with the black goo pathogen, then murdered Prometheus' protagonist Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace), and also used the pathogen to create a slew of alien creatures, including the Xenomorph, with which he intends to wipe out humanity.

At film's end, David disables his benevolent "brother" android Walter and assumes his identity, before putting survivors Daniels and Tennessee (Danny McBride) into stasis, with the implication that he's going to impregnate them with Xenomorphs while they helplessly slumber.

Though we'll probably never get to see this grim cliffhanger ending paid off due to Covenant's disappointing box office performance, it's tough to picture David's ambitious plan being foiled at this stage.

There's absolutely nothing Daniels or Tennessee can do to stop David putting an alien inside their bodies and then taking them wherever he wants.


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