10 Sci-Fi Movies One Step From Perfection

Just one little change would have put The Faculty in the hall of fame...

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Is there anything more frustrating than an almost-perfect movie?

You know the sort we mean—four star near-miss would-be classics which are one fatal flaw from being perfect, the sort of movie you’ll still champion to friends and family even as you stand there knowing they’ll leave the multiplex perplexed by the same small problem that’s still playing on your mind.

These aren’t bad films by any means—and if anything that’s what makes this phenomenon so uniquely annoying. Some of the flicks listed here are stone cold classics, but they’re nonetheless plagued by one persistent problem which we can’t help but wish away every time we sit down to a re-watch. Others are just solid genre efforts which deserve to be seen, but will always come accompanied by the addendum “Yeah it’s well worth a watch—I just really wish they hadn’t…”

Whether it’s a misjudged ending, a third act twist we wanted to write out, or a character who should have been jettisoned one draft before production began, here are ten science fiction films which were just one step from reaching genre nirvana.

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