10 Sci-Fi Movies Too Scary To Finish

9. Kuso

Event Horizon
Brainfeeder Films

There are, admittedly, a handful of fairly mainstream efforts on this list. There are some straight up famous Hollywood classics which managed to realise some disturbing visuals despite coming from the usually reliably anodyne studio system—shout out to The Fly and The Thing.

Then there’s Kuso.

Coming from the mind of producer/ rapper/ multi-medium artist Flying Lotus, this 2017 effort is undoubtedly the most viscerally disgusting film on this list, if not also the most disturbing, and anyone who makes it to the end of its many segments is ready to face anything by Davids Cronenberg and Lynch. Following a group of grotesque unfortunates through a post-apocalyptic LA, this anthology features stories which seem ripped from scatological fever dreams, featuring fellatio-by-sentient-boil, a faeces-eating anus-monster, a concrete-eating woman, and a large talking bug living in a man’s anus.

Yes, these Naked Lunch-style vignettes are punctuated by black comedy, as that summary implies, but this doesn’t dull the sheer disgust onscreen, and few viewers will be hardy enough to make it through this grim spectacle—just ask any of the twenty or so festival attendees who left the film during its first public screening.


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