10 Sci-Fi Movies Too Scary To Finish

8. Videodrome

Event Horizon
Universal Pictures

Yes, David Cronenberg is making an appearance on this list, and honestly you’re lucky he’s not the only director inhabiting this one.

The Naked Lunch director is a god amongst gore hounds for his inventive, grotesque special effects spectacles, clinical horror sci-fi hybrids which marry a cold tone with awe-inspiring effects work for maximum impact on unsuspecting viewers. We’ve thrown a few of the director’s efforts on this list, but 1983’s Videodrome is probably bis darkest, with a story that takes in snuff flicks, gruesome mutations, and all manner of extreme violence in its twisty tale of an amoral TV producer seduced into the dark world of an illicit and homicidal TV transmission.

That’s right—the villain of this flick is a TV transmission, or more accurately the grotesque violence meted out by its watchers, such as all-time great sleazebag James Woods as the aforementioned protagonist. He eventually takes some extreme—and extremely graphic—steps to merge with this technological obsession of his, but don’t worry—you’ll have stopped watching well before the sickening denouement of this one.


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