10 Sci-Fi Movies Where Everyone Dies

9. Edge Of Tomorrow (2014)

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Otherwise known by its tagline: Live Die Repeat, Edge of Tomorrow pulls Tom Cruise back out of superspydom and plops him right in the middle of the kind of high concept sci-fi fare that many of us forget he has been filling the gaps with for the past couple of decades (Minority Report, Vanilla Sky).

This time round, Cruise plays William Cage, a US Major for the curiously Trump-sounding UDF (United Defence Force) - a global military alliance for fighting aliens. The aliens in question are Mimics, an intergalactic superorganism whose core being - the Omega - has the power to disrupt time, replaying days to ensure their battle tactics always outmanoeuvre the enemy, ensuring total domination.

Cage is ostensibly a pencil-pusher and is unwittingly thrown into combat with J-Squad and military combat hero Sergeant Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), where he is infected by the blood of one of the alien invaders. Cue the Doctor Strange-style loops, where Cage witnesses himself and everyone he knows die over and over again.

Granted, Cage destroys the Omega at the film's conclusion, time is reset and nobody has died, but given the many gratuitous ways in which we see the cast blown to kingdom come, this one very much counts.


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