10 Science Facts That Will Ruin Your Favourite Sci-Fi Movies

4. Universal Donors Don't Work Like That - Mad Max: Fury Road

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Warner Bros.

In metaphorical terms, Babe helmer George Miller's intense and urgent action thriller Mad Max Fury Road is one of the new millennium's finest sci-fi offerings.

Mixing pointed commentary on traditional gender roles and social structures with a post apocalyptic landscape defined by scarcity and wars over oil and water amongst other basic resources, the propulsive flick manages to make a cohesive political point whilst also offering some incredible car-crunching spectacle.

In science terms, however...

Remember the opening scene where our titular hero is taken captive by the very-subtle-white-nationalist allegory the War Boys and used as a human blood bag since he's a prized "universal donor"?

So, surprising as it may seem, universal donor doesn’t actually mean you can hook yourself up to someone else and start handing out pints of blood at random. Well, you could, but said person will die in agony as a result, a reality which the film fails to depict since... Well, since there wouldn't be much of a film if it did.


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