10 Science Facts That Will Ruin Your Favourite Sci-Fi Movies

5. There's Not Enough Water - Waterworld

Jurassic Park T Rex

Scientific accuracy may be the least of prima donna star Kevin Costner's costly misfire Westworld's problems.

But the 1996 flick is another case of Hollywood attempting to make a point about climate change only to mess up a pivotal part of the intended lecture by getting the science backwards.

The story of Costner's salvaging drifter attempting to rebuild society after life as we knew it is sunk under a few hundred feet of water would be easier to take seriously if such a fate were in fact possible.

But in reality there’s nowhere near enough water on earth to flood the world as badly as Kevin Costner’s classic flop does.

Even accounting for the polar ice caps, the amount of water on the planet isn't nearly sufficient to cover every land mass, a problem particularly highlighted when the film makes a point of noting that even states 600 metres above sea level are beneath the rising tide.


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