10 Scrapped MCU Scenes We Desperately Wanted To See

Spider-Man: Far From Home was almost an arachnophobe's nightmare.

Spider-Man Far From home Spider
Marvel Studios

As smoothly controlled as the Marvel Cinematic Universe seems to be, even the simplest movies in the franchise are created amid a great deal of creative tinkering and re-jigging.

Kevin Feige and co. may make it all seem so easy these days, but the MCU releases nothing without an absurd amount of effort put into its conception.

As such it's not remotely surprising that even the most basic scene can go through countless iterations, in writing, shooting and editing, before arriving at the final version seen on cinema screens worldwide.

Many of the MCU's greatest movies (and Thor: The Dark World) were almost very different indeed, had the filmmakers been willing or able to include these scenes as originally planned.

Ultimately, these ambitious and intriguing set-pieces were either filmed and not released or, more commonly, eliminated during the scripting stage long before the movie went in front of cameras.

While the filmmakers certainly had their reasons, there's no doubt that fans would've loved to see these scenes one way or another...


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