10 Secret Details That Make Horror Movies Even Creepier

As if these movies weren't scary enough, these little-known details make them even more terrifying!

Crimson Peak
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Usually after you finish a horror film, you can take a deep sign of relief knowing that it was all just a movie, nobody really died and ghosts aren't real.

Or are they?

In the case of the following films, each has more than just skeletons in their closets, with a range of little-known details and on-set accidents that make them creepy on a whole new level.

It's in equal parts terrifying and intriguing when real life things inspire horror movies, whether that is a director's own experience of the supernatural or perhaps some real life murders. The world is a horrible, awful place full of things we can't even imagine but that also means there's endless inspiration for scary movies.

Certain films develop a legacy or carry a so-called 'curse', but not every film with a dark backstory is widely known. Really though all it takes is a keen eye and a little bit of extra knowledge to take these films from bad to worse on the scary-scale.

As if you thought films like Hostel, The Exorcist and Poltergeist weren't terrifying enough then buckle up because there's even more horror on the way.

10. The Inspiration Is All Too Real - Hostel

Crimson Peak
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It’s reassuring to get to the end of a particularly gruesome horror film to remind yourself that it’s not real life, it’s all just a silly movie! Unfortunately, that’s not always true.

Hostel is one of the most infamous ‘torture porn’ type horrors out there, and it may upset you to know that director Eli Roth got his inspiration from a real life pay-to-kill organisation.

In an interview with Dread Central, Roth explained that a friend showed him a website where for $10,000 you could go to an organised location and shoot someone in the head. This particular site claimed that the would-be victims chose to do it, because they were going to die anyway and part of the fee would go to their struggling families - but there’s no doubt that there’s even worse sites out there.

There are plenty of rumours about ‘red rooms’ on the dark web and how you can pay to have someone torture a captive via live stream (none of these substantiated, mind, but they’re not totally unbelievable). So it is very possible that somewhere in the world, a real-life Hostel exists. No thank you!


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