10 Secret Details That Make Horror Movies Even Creepier

9. The Book’s Underrated Killer Tactic - It

Crimson Peak
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Pennywise is a master of all things horrible, so when I tell you that a secret trick of his is to change the colour of his eyes, you may roll yours. In the scale of things, this really isn’t the scariest thing he is capable of - the monster in chief is a master of changing his appearance entirely after all.

However, when we see him luring Georgie to the storm drain his eyes switch from an ominous yellow to a less intimidating shade of blue, and the reason for this is incredibly smart. It’s a direct reference to Stephen King’s novel, in which Georgie first slightly fears Pennywise and consequently may not have approached him, King saying "There were yellow eyes in there: the sort of eyes he had always imagined but never actually seen down in the basement."

Just a few lines later, Pennywise gets wise and King states “How, George wondered, could I have thought his eyes were yellow? They were a bright, dancing blue, the color of his mom's eyes, and Bill's.” What a tactic! Using his appearance changing abilities, he lures in children by making his eyes more familiar and evocative of trusted loved ones.

It’s a tiny detail but translates over so well and so subtly from the novel. Proper creepy.


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