10 Secret Details That Make Horror Movies Even Creepier

8. The Film Inspired SO MANY Murders - Natural Born Killers

Crimson Peak
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It may be a bit of a stretch from crime thriller to horror but we have to make space for this on the list, as this fact almost moves it into horror territory alone.

For the most part if someone tries to tell me that ‘movies and video-games cause violence’ I tell them that they are wrong and should really try getting out more. In this particular instance however, I may have to renege on that sentiment.

There is literally an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to Natural Born Killers copycat crimes. People got it in their heads that murder was glamorous, that being a killer could make them righteous and famous. One seventeen year old even became so obsessed with the character Mickey that he cut his hair and began dressing like him, right down to the rounded shades, before shooting his stepmother and half-sister to death in their sleep.

Another famous copycat case was that of Ben Darras and Sarah Edmondson, which culminated in legal action being brought against director Oliver Stone and Warner Brothers by one of their victims, Patsy Byers.

Byers was left paralysed from the neck down when the duo shot her, and because they had watched the film on a loop before going on their killing spree she claimed the filmmakers had just as much guilt as the perpetrators.

Her case ended up being thrown out of court but the evidence has been there in dozens of cases that this movie was a direct motivator of crimes.


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