10 Secret Post-Credits Movie Scenes That Were Absolute Genius

He wasn't joking about baby Hitler.

Deadpool 2 Super Duper Cut

Given that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has basically programmed audiences to stay in their seats for the ever-present post-credits scenes, it's safe to say that more movies than ever are now giving patient audiences something to wait around for.

And while many of those scenes are nothing more than forgettable, throwaway gags, every so often they'll serve up something clever, creative or totally unexpected.

But in the age of the MCU, credits tags are rarely surprising anymore, so we've selected 10 post-credits scenes that, either by the nature of their movie or the secretive deployment of the scene itself, many audiences actually never ended up seeing.

From neat little addendums to straight-laced dramas, to hilariously surreal fantasy scenarios you'd never expect and gut-bustingly funny tags more hilarious than anything in the main movie, these scenes were all terrifically crafted yet mostly fell upon deaf ears with audiences, sadly.

Granted, the Internet has mercifully preserved them all for posterity, teaching one vital lesson to moviegoers - no matter the movie, there's always the possibility the filmmakers will leave some added value for those who spend 10 minutes of their lives watching the credits roll...

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