10 Secret Post-Credits Movie Scenes That Were Absolute Genius

10. "Dedicated To Sgt. Jack Vincennes" - L.A. Confidential

LA Confidential
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When you think of movies with post-credits scenes - let alone brilliant ones - you probably don't think of Curtis Hanson's legendary, Oscar-winning film noir masterpiece L.A. Confidential.

Even ignoring the fact that it released more than a decade before the MCU popularised the post-credits stinger, it's fair to say that audiences assumed a film as artful and meticulous as this said everything it needed to in the movie proper.

But surprisingly, those who stick around through the end credits will find one final gift, a tribute to the movie's deceased detective protagonist Jack Vincennes (Kevin Spacey), who prior to his demise moonlighted as a consultant on the fictional cop TV show Badge of Honor.

Post-credits, we're briefly shown a typical 1950s family sitting down to watch an episode of the show, which ends with a "Dedicated to Sgt. Jack Vincennes" title card.

It's a smart, playful and non-invasive cherry on top of one of the finest films of the 90s - and you probably never even knew it was hiding right there in plain sight.

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