10 Seemingly Brilliant Movie Casting Choices Which Ultimately Fell Flat

An Academy Award winner playing the Clown Prince of Crime? What could go wrong?

Warner Bros.

When it comes to casting a highly anticipated project, fans will always have their own specific opinions on who should be trusted with a particular role.

Sometimes these fan opinions aren't shared by those casting and producing the feature, and those who oppose the studio's choice quickly take to social media to crap on the announcement. Yet there are also times when fans and filmmakers both see something intriguing in an actor and the public fully backs the decision of those in charge.

But, just because a hard to please fanbase or cynical general audience fully endorse a piece of seemingly brilliant casting, doesn't mean you're guaranteed a game-changing performance.

An actor still needs to show up to work and deliver the goods. Sadly though, these following ten performers succeeded in doing the former, but ultimately couldn't produce a turn worthy of the hype when the feature eventually hit screens.

Whether it was down to a couple of misguided character choices, truly awful accents or an excessive amount of prosthetics swallowing a talented actor whole, each and every person on this list ultimately failed to stick the landing after what first appeared to be an inspired piece of casting.

If only Javert didn't have to sing in Les Mis, eh?


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