10 Seemingly Brilliant Movie Casting Choices Which Ultimately Fell Flat

9. Colin Farrell As Bullseye - Daredevil

Mark Strong Shazam
Marvel Entertainment

Back in 2003, Colin Farrell was starting to become a hot property after his performances in Phone Booth (2002) and Minority Report (also, 2002) so fans were understandably on board when it was announced he would be playing slick villain Bullseye in Mark Steven Johnson's Daredevil (2003).

However, that excitement quickly evaporated once Farrell's portrayal of the supremely accurate Marvel Comics assassin invaded cinemas all around the world. Turning the intimidating mercenary into an overly theatrical paperclip throwing joke, Farrell may not have been the absolute worst thing in this disappointing superhero flick but he still elicited his fair share of groans from those who had to endure his cringey performance.

Luckily, this painful caricature didn't completely derail the star's career and he's since gone on to prove exactly how talented an actor he can be in films like In Bruges (2008) and The Lobster (2015).

With the Irishman now set to appear in Matt Reeves' The Batman (2021) as Oswald Cobblepot (The Penguin), will Farrell finally be able to wash away the memories of his last cartoonish trip into the land of superheroes?

If the film's initial trailers are anything to go by, this could be Farrell's most immersive and impressive turn yet.


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